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Research: Multiple Sclerosis

November 2012
Impact of Electroacupuncture on Quality of Life for Patients with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Under Treatment with Immunomodulators: A Randomized Study
BMC Complementary Alternative Medicine, November 2012, Volume 12, Issue 209
BACKGROUND: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a complex autoimmune disease mediated by an immune response to central nervous system antigens. Modern immunomodulatory therapies, however, do not ameliorate many of the symptoms, such as pain and depression. Patients thus seek alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, although the benefits of such treatments have not been objectively evaluated. The present study was thus designed to evaluate the effect of the use of acupuncture in the alleviation of the symptoms of patients with MS. RESULTS: Electroacupuncture improved various aspects of quality of life, including a reduction in pain and depression. The self-report scales were more sensitive to improvement than was the more objective clinical measure. CONCLUSION: This paper provides evidence that electroacupuncture can significantly improve the quality of life of such patients. The results suggest that the routine use of a self-report scale evaluating quality of life should be included in regular clinical evaluations in order to detect changes more rapidly.























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